Sunday, April 12, 2009

Almost done...

I'm still here and still prepping for my show. We celebrated my dad's 65th birthday yesterday. It was a lovely day with great people and delicious food. Today dad helped me finish up some jewelry displays. An earring stand, and two necklace stands. He is such a good guy! I didn't take pics of those yet, but here is a picture of my other display. These will go inside plexi glass cubes. I put galvanized flashing on the wooden display in order to hold magnets. That way I can move my jewelry around. I then painted the metal with chalkboard paint and can write prices with a wet erase chalk marker. The chalkboard paint said to prep the surface by rubbing chalk accross it. I did that, but am wondering if I should since I'm not using actual chalk? It's not necessary, so it depends on if I like the look or not. I can't decide, what do you think, flat black, or chalk rubbed like in this picture?
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1 comment:

liz r. said...

Hm, I'm kind of liking the rubbed chalk look. It's unusual.

Good luck with your show!