Friday, March 27, 2009

Crazy Week!

I took these pictures one night last week. We were in the middle of watching our favorite show, The Wire, when the electricity went out. Needless to say we were bummed. Electricity came back on, found our spot on the dvd, and out it goes again! That happened a couple of times until the electricity stayed off for a while. It was kind of nice after all as it forced us to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

This week has been crazy. I started a temp job with the Fort Worth ISD art department. We are setting up and organizing the high school art show. I haven't been on my feet this much, or had to be at work early in over a year, and boy am I exhausted! I don't know how I'm going to pull off working and getting ready for Fiesta, but I will. I have been working on jewelry in the evenings, and plan to devote all weekend to preparations as well. So, I won't be around too much over the next few weeks. I'll try to upload pictures of new finished pieces of jewelry, and keep you updated on any news.

Don't forget to come see me this evening at Fort Worth Arts Goggle!
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sassyglassdesigns said...

I hated it when I get all settled to watch a favorite show and it is pre-empted (by basketball for the last 3 weeks) or the weather updates, or electricity going out...bummer! Good luck at your art show.

Beth Cyr said...

Great Photos Ashely! Congrats on the new job - sounds fun and interesting!

Ashley said...

Thanks Ladies!