Thursday, March 19, 2009

Clasp Experiments

I have been struggling with what type of clasps to use on this necklace. Emily Watson recommended a Sister Clasp, which I had never heard of. She showed me a picture and I made a couple to try them out. It looks like they are going to show a bit more than I though they would on this necklace. That makes me think I need to remake them and make them a bit more refined. So, I guess these were just samples that I made today. I think they will work quite well for this piece though, they really look like the other oval links that I am using. Thanks Emily!

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sassyglassdesigns said...

That is a beautiful necklace and the clasps are pretty cool also.

Ashley said...


HCJ admin said...

That's quite an elegant style of clasp, which I've not seen before either.