Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cocoon Designs

I am in love with these gorgeous creatures by Karna of Cocoon Designs. I asked Karna to tell me a bit about herself and what inspires her. Here is what she had to say:

What inspires me is seeing color- lots of it
taking many random recycled sweaters- felting them and putting the colors and texture into my piece
i never have a plan going into a project-just a glimmer of an idea
i let my work transform itself
i use 90% recycled-the extra 10 % is the thread i use -that is not recycled
my three girls and i know every thrift shop in chicago
and they know us
i have a masters in fine art
i was a painter before and the color just transfered itself to 3d textile
i also love working with clay and textile to create figures
i see things all around me that i file and use for my ideas
but as i said nothing is concrete until it is finished
my studio is a mess -sweaters and stuffing everywhere but it is cozy
and if it was clean i would not create as well
-i think secretly i like chaos
I can definitely see the painterly influence in Karna's work. Her colors are vivid and eye catching. How thrilling it must be to have such a wonderful imagination!

You can see more images of Karna's work on her flickr page.
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Beth Cyr said...

wow!! I love them! Just went to flickr and added her - I really love her work - and it is so you Ashley!

Ashley said...

So glad you like them Beth!