Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Happy Clay

Shoshona Snow
I am really enjoying these two ceramic pieces that I acquired back in the fall. The top one is from Happy Clay and I love everything in that shop! The work has a very painterly and bright look with touches of real metal, in this one it is gold.
The second piece is by Shoshona Snow who I have admired for quite some time. This little tripod dish was actually a free gift with a purchase that I made. The other piece was a Christmas gift for a friend.
Both of these sit on the shelf in my bathroom and make me smile each day!


Janice said...

I LOVE Shoshana Snow's work!! Have been wanting to purchase something for a while - maybe I will. . .

Ashley said...

I know, I was the same way forever and finally got something. She has this great Owl Vase right now that I love!

shoshonasnow said...

Hey! I love seeing my pots in action. Thanks for the mention. :)
And I LOVE Happy Clay. I'm totally going to get a cup for myself.

Ashley said...

Hey Shoshona, I can't believe I just found you on flickr! You are so cute and I am excited to see when you have new stuff to list.