Friday, October 31, 2008

I'm going on a road trip!

Delias Thompson Alicia Istanbul
Beth Cyr
Sara Westermark
Danielle Miller
Lena Marie Echelle
I'm going on a road trip! My friend Lena Marie Echelle invited me to go with her to the Atlanta Contemporary Jewelry Show. Fellow Etsy Metal member Danielle Miller is also participating in the show. I am really looking forward to seeing Danielle's work in person and getting to know her. In addition I will get to meet a few more Etsy Metal ladies from the area, Sara Westermark is making the trip down from North Carolina, and Beth Cyr, Delias Thompson and Alicia Istanbul all live nearby.

Thanks Lena for this opportunity! I am really looking forward to the trip.


Lynette said...

That sounds like SOOO much fun! I am super jealous!!

Ashley said...

I am super excited!

sarawestermark said...

I can't wait! I am really enjoying the opportunity to come and see everyone.