Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Show Pony Show

Sorry I have been absent. I finally uploaded my booth pics from the Show Pony Show to flickr. The show was a lot of fun. Especially because I got to share a booth with Lena Eschelle and had great neighbors like Megan of Muttsy Wonder. I got a couple of wonderful shirts from Megan, which I still need to photograph.
Here are the pics of my booth. I really like the way it turned out.
Show Pony Show

Show Pony Show

I tested out one of my new plexi glass cases that I will be using for the upcoming Texas Metal Arts festival. I am really happy with the way they look. For this show I went for bright colors, turquoise and lime green and I think they had a really great effect.

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Lynette said...

Looks awesome!!

Tara to the T said...

Your booth looked awesome! I was so happy to have you at the show. Thank you, thank you ;0)

Tara to the T

Ashley said...

Aw, thanks Tara. Thanks for all your hard work!