Thursday, July 10, 2008

So Excited!

I had been admiring
Ann Jenkins' jewelry on flickr and her website for quite a while. Finally I put two and two together that she is also the woman behind Tuizui and is a fellow Etsy Metal member. Both lines of work are wonderful, I love the color and texture of her enamel pieces, but her Fragments of Nature series really stole my heart! In addition, Ann is super friendly. I am having a pendant made and Ann read my mind when she told me it could be made with my own treasures. The pendant will be similar to this brooch, though smaller.

I am sending Ann these treasures of mine to work into the pendant.
Future Treasure Box Pendant

They include a piece of coral from our honeymoon in Belize. A piece of apatite rough, as well as opal rough. The opal rough came from a little jar of the stuff that my grandfather kept by his chair. I always admired it and he gave it to me when I was a child. Finally, is a beautiful boulder opal that I purchased recently. I just love the color combination and it reminds me of the ocean.

Here is one of Ann's wonderful enamel pieces.

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Lynette said...

Im jealous! Her stuff rocks:)

ashley said...

Isn't it wonderful?! I'm tempted to get one of the enamel pieces too. I love the colors she uses.