Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Photo Backdrops

I'm liking my new photo backdrops. The orange and green are new and I like the way the work with the turquoise, blues and black. What do you think?

Small Starburst Ring with Opal
Tab earrings with Orange Carnelian Drops
Fringed Tab Earrings with Opals
Confetti Necklace
Labradorite Loop Earrings
Single Petal Studs
Teal Petal Pendant
Tab Earring with Silver Pearls
Bull's Eye Earrings
Satellite Ring with Green Onyx and Moonstone
Silver Pebble Studs with Iolite
Simple Sterling Hoops
Starburst Ring with Black Onyx
Textured Silver Swirl Ring
Modern Clam Shell Earrings
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Little Lovables said...

yes, the backgrounds all look perfect together, great job!

stacey said...

they do look great together and i especially like the turquoise