Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day and My Dear PawPaw

Orchid for my Mom

Happy Mother's Day! To my mom and all my friends who are mothers, I am thinking of you today. Especially my own mother who lost her beloved father yesterday morning.

My PawPaw was 93 years old and the best grandpa I could have wished for. I was lucky to have almost 33 years with him. From my grandfather, Vernon "Bo" Ashley, I inherited a love of plants and the outdoors and a talent for creating and making things. He leaves behind a legacy of generousity and kindness, and a wealth of wonderful PawPaw stories. He was a great story teller, some surely tall tales, but none to be forgotten. I am his namesake, and I will think fondly of him forever. PawPaw always told me that the most important thing was to do what you loved, which I took to heart as very good advice.

My brother, PawPaw and I at Thanksgiving last year.

Mom and PawPaw Camping

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knitsteel said...

What a lovely life that he shared with you all. He looks like he was a wonderful man.

Ashley said...

Thanks Kirsten, we were certainly blessed to have him.