Friday, January 4, 2008

Handmade Gifts

I took the handmade pledge before Christmas and I think I did pretty well. I wanted to show off some of the great gifts that I got from talented etsy sellers. These three were all made by Natasha of Luxe. Mom got the circular scarf in Autumn, the center ones are actually mine, and Gretchen got a neckwarmer. I've gotten stuff from Natasha in the past and it is always so fun to go through her flickr pages and pick out the yarn you like for a custom piece.

Thanks Natasha, your work has found three very happy homes!

1 comment:

natasha said...

aw thanks! tell your mom that she can gently stretch the scarf a bit to fit her the way she likes it. it really is pretty strong.

i am so glad everyone liked everything! my husband literally was giddy when he saw his cufflinks. he has worn them several times. he is a fashionista(o?).