Thursday, December 20, 2007

Goodbye Home 2 Garden!

Today was my last day of work at Home To Garden, my home away from home of more than 7 years! I am moving on to pursue jewelry. I am looking for a part time job with insurance, but wouldn't it be nice if I got so busy with jewelry that it could be my only job? I sure would love that. I'm gonna miss some things about my little garden shop. I'll miss Booboo the dog, Uki the cat, all the great customers and the artists who's work we carry, namely Tessa and Vanessa of Sublime Surface Design. I'll miss you too Mark.

I won't miss the cold winters and hot summers and wishing I were at home making jewelry. The best part is I can always go back and visit on those days when the weather is perfect and I need a little inspiration.

I planted that basket up, by the way!

I painted that wall green, while wearing a green shirt and green keens. I think I blended in, can you tell what my favorite color is?

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