Sunday, August 19, 2007

What a small world!

I was tagged by Lynette Andreasen of Asymmetry Jewelry Designs as a Rockin Girl Blogger. I'll take that as quite a compliment since I'm not the best at keeping up with this thing.

I had noticed Lynette's work on Etsy a couple of months ago and really admire her aesthetic. She combines sterling silver, copper and embroidery thread in a really unique way. The metal work in her brooches, necklaces and rings has a modern and industrial feel. I like the contrast in color and texture that the embroidery thread and stitches bring to the metal work. I also appreciate the juxtaposition of contemporary metal with the traditional craft of embroidery. My mother, Connie Akers, is a fiber artist, so I have always enjoyed that medium as well. I am definitely inspired by Lynette's work and also feel connected to her through some interesting coincidences.

I wondered where Lynette lived when I found her on Etsy. So when she tagged me and I read her blog I saw that she received her BFA at Arizona State University. My good friends ,Gretchen Schermerhorn, and her husband, Eric Burris, received their MFA's from ASU in print making and metals respectively. It turns out that Lynette had Eric as a teacher in one of her metals classes. Then, after reading Art Jewelry Magazine today I got on their website. I clicked on the community page where subscribers can post images of their work. I went straight to the "Metal" section and who's images where at the very top? You guessed it, Lynette Andreasen!

The point of being tagged is to give recognition to female bloggers, so I am supposed to tag five more, so here goes:

TQB Designs, I covet her jewelry, each and every piece, and she lives in Portland, Oregon, one of my favorite cities.

Margaux Lange of Midge's Mind makes mind blowing jewelry out of Barbie parts. I love that she is selling her incredible work on Etsy.

Caitlyn of Disco Medusa a fellow Etsy Metal member and another Portland resident. Caitlyn makes great jewelry and her blog features interesting cultural tidbits.

Holly Hawk of Etsy does inventive leather work. I love her colors and designs.

Liana Kabel of Etsy makes inventive plastic jewelry and has lots of other interesting jewelry featured on her blog.


Lynette said...

Wow, thank you so much. I really dont know what to say! I love your work too! Thank you so much!

caitlyn said...

thanks, ashley!
i've been getting so many hits from your blog!
i'll be sure to reciprocate- with pleasure, as i enjoy your work so very much! (and your online personality!)


Midge said...

thank you, thank you, thank you! I just read your comment on my blog - I really appreciate the nomination!

Your stone works are AMAZING. such beautiful contrasts. Thanks again!