Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Business Cards

Bizcard front
Originally uploaded by ashleyjewelry
I'm so excited about my new business cards. The are so much more professional than my old ones and turned out really well.

Here is the back
Bizcard Back

I even got a beautiful little card holder from Holly Hawk on etsy. I love her stuff and want a bunch more of it.


deedledumpling said...

Ashley, really nice stuff, and love the piece on your business card. Have not had alot of time lately to get more "Metals" stuff onto my Etsy site because of alot of commissions, but hope to increase the metal work to add to what is already there. Nice blogspot as well. Check out my flickr account

deedledumpling said...

oops, sorry I meant to send you the link to my jewelry pix. Glad I found you on Etsy. dd